How can social media help my business?

Many corporations, SMBs and startups are being hesitant about the use of social media and have not yet invested fully in this field. Some have touched the crust of these platforms by creating business profiles, yet they tend not to have a clear vision of where do they want to go with these platforms and what do they want to achieve and how to achieve it.

The use of social media platforms varies from one business to another. Some businesses are able to maintain their social media presence without any help. Other businesses seek help to maintain a consistent presence and establish a strong network. This establishment of a strong network will in the future benefit these businesses in their lead generation campaigns and ultimately increase sales.

It is important to realize that there are many key elements for the success of business on social media platforms, in this post, we will discuss two:

  • Consistency is of great importance
  • Content is King

Once these two factors become sacred for these businesses, then they are on the right track and ultimately will score better results. Let us break these two elements and talk briefly about them.

How can social media help my business?

Consistency: It is the commitment from the brand to its fans to provide them with content on daily, biweekly, triweekly basis etc. For example, if you choose for your business to post on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, then it is expected from your business to post every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday of every week. Circumstances also play an important role, for example, if you are running a campaign or an ad campaign, this posting pattern will differ, however, it differs for a reason (a good one).

Content: If we scroll through the local restaurant page in our neighborhood, we realize all they post is food pictures about their daily dish or their new menu and so on. But if we check, for example, Chocomel’s Facebook page we realize that they strategically integrate their content into the different factors of society in the Netherlands. Their content reflects our daily lives like the weather, neighborhood and other factors of our daily lives. Other brands also tend to do so, they want to add value to their fans and/or potential customers. They do that by offering a promotion, a smile on their face or an experience, a challenge and/or maybe a new piece of information. An example on this is the World Economic Forum Facebook page where they continuously share interesting information embedded in videos and/or articles.

Consistency and content play a prime role in developing a well built concise fanbase. This fanbase can be translated into value in terms of current clients, potential clients and future clients. These two factors also are key in building an online community around your brand.