Social media advertisements are very delicate. We have the expertise to plan, launch and optimize your ads on different platforms.

With Ads Management, we offer:
Ads Strategy – where we identify and estimate what is possible to achieve and set the appropriate projections, ROIs and KPIs for the whole campaign or over a specific period while running these ads.
Content – we create the advertisements creative content and images if not provided by our partners.
Daily Ads Management – this comes very handy when launching short campaigns for our partners where we can assess and study the results and see where we can enhance to optimize results and spend the budget in the right place.
Analytical Reports – is one of the most important features where we assess whether the campaigns running have reached their goals and compare results with the initial projections.
Reporting on Campaigns – we can also report on campaigns that we did
not create for partners (as a third independent party) who would like to learn more about how are they doing on digital platforms.